Waterbed in your existing conversion: the built-in waterbed:

For those who still want to continue using their current bedstead or conversion, there is one solution: the built-in waterbed. This waterbed has a split frame (a split foam frame) with the lower frame sinking into the bed frame and the upper frame protruding slightly above the frame.

If you decide on a built-in waterbed, you should consider the following points:

  • weight distribution
  • bed height
  • bed dimensions
  • weight distribution

As already mentioned, the bottom of a water bed is equipped with wooden crosses, which ensure an optimal distribution of the weight of the water mattress. How many crosses you need depends on the dimensions of your waterbed. The bigger your bed, the more crosses.

Bed height

Which bed height is best for your bed frame or remodeling depends mainly on the height of your bed frame. We recommend selecting the bed height so that the split of the water mattress (the separation between the two foam frames) is the same or slightly lower than the bed frame. This means that the top foam frame protrudes about 10 cm beyond the frame.

Is the bed frame higher than the waterbed? Then the bed frame protrudes beyond the edge of the foam frame, which is not comfortable when entering or leaving the bed.

Bed dimensions

When changing from a regular mattress to a water mattress, you must remember that the actual sleeping area of ​​a water mattress is smaller than the size of the waterbed.

A waterbed is all around provided with a 7 cm wide foam frame. If you previously slept on a regular mattress of 180 x 200 cm and now opt for a water mattress of 180 x 200 cm, the actual sleeping surface is 166 x 186 cm. In our blog, you will learn the actual sleeping space of all available mattresses.

Possibilities built-in waterbed

If you choose a built-in waterbed, the options for mono or duo system, stabilization, and heating are the same as for our other complete waterbeds. In a built-in waterbed, however, it is not possible to choose a bed base with storage drawers, since this bed base cannot be used in an existing bed frame. Watch thebest-mattress.