What is the ideal bed height?

When buying a new bed, we often pay attention immediately to its length and width. In fact, enough freedom of movement is an important criterion for our sleeping comfort. But we usually ignore the height of the bed, although the bed height is crucial for effortless lying down and getting up. This is especially true in advanced age or physical complaints. The height is an important criterion when buying a new bed.

Which factors determine the height of your bed?

The optimum bed height is different for each person and depends on the respective height and mobility, but also on the hardness of the mattress. A mattress is always something if you sit on it. Ultimately, the right bed height results from the combination of all these factors and the bed overlay. Now find outwhat is the best price on tempurpedic mattress on our website.

How to determine the right bed height yourself:

Of course, our staff will be happy to advise you on the right bed height, but you can also choose it yourself. Sit on the edge of the bed and bend your knees.

  1. Do your knees make an angle of about 90 degrees? Then the bed has the right height.
  2. Is the angle much smaller or larger than 90 degrees? Then another bed height is better.

Available bed heights

You can choose from four different bed heights. In the following, each bed height will be briefly explained.

  • 45 centimeters: The standard bed height is 45 centimeters. This height is suitable for most people. But taller people may need a different bed height.
  • 50 centimeters: This height is often chosen when the 45 centimeters when lying down and getting up too low, and the 55 cm feel too high.
  • 55 centimeters: The water bed XL is the most selected bed height 55 centimeters.
  • 60 centimeters: Larger people, senior citizens and people with back problems usually opt for this height. Thanks to the 60 cm high bed edge, lying down and getting up are easier and very comfortable. Would you like more information about the ideal bed height or do you have any other questions about our waterbeds? Then get in contact with us.