What should I look for in a box spring bed?

If you are interested in a boxspring bed, you will find a flood of information, models, and prices on the internet.

Nowhere are the prices so drastically different as on the subject of “box spring bed”. Meanwhile, there are beds from 400.00 $. Where the differences are and what do I have to pay attention to? What price is justified for a box spring bed? These and other questions we want to meet with simple answers.

What should I look for in a box spring bed?

The box

We start at the bottom and first take a closer look at the box of the bed. In the best case, pocket springs should be processed here. But with the “cheap models,” it will always be a mere simple spring core.

The box should be made of solid wood and not composed of chipboard. The box should be ventilated downwards so that the bad hygiene and a good bed climate are guaranteed.

The mattress

Continue with the mattress: Again, only pocket springs should be used. Foam is out of the question for 2 reasons. First, the foam interferes with the ventilation and secondly, foam should never be placed on a spring-based base. That makes ergonomically little sense.

Both the box and the mattress should pay attention to the number of springs, the height of the springs and the number of turns of each spring. Here, the main differences between sleep and good sleep are clearly noticeable.

The topper

The topper (if available) should be made of breathable material and matched to the mattress. There are very big differences in quality here. Buy on thebest-mattress.org.

The fabric of the bed

Of course, the fabric of the bed is also very important. Since a boxspring bed of reasonable quality can remain standing for a very long time, the fabric should not look worn after 10 years. In addition, the fabric should be breathable to ensure cross-ventilation of the mattress and the box.