Why does a waterbed have a heating system?

Is the waterbed temperature dependent on other aspects?

The temperature in the bedroom is not always the same. This depends, among other things, on the ventilation, heating and outdoor temperature in the different seasons. Also, the thickness of the duvet and whether you hit it or not affect the temperature of your waterbed. By placing an extra-thick duvet on the waterbed during the day, you will have an insulating effect and keep the temperature constant.

The same applies vice versa. Waterbeds can cool off on warm summer nights by lowering the temperature. By taking down the duvet from the waterbed in the summer, the temperature drops during the day.

Why does a waterbed have a heating system?

A waterbed contains a large amount of water. Water is inherently too cold for your body to sleep, so it needs to be heated up. For heating, a heating element is used. It is important that you always leave the heating element switched on so that the temperature of the waterbed does not drop too far.

The heater consumes less power if it only needs to maintain the temperature of the water. For more information, read the article on the power consumption of a waterbed. See top water bed and the newest mattresses on thebest-mattress.org from here.

How does the heating system work?

Today’s waterbeds are always supplied with a very energy efficient heating system. The waterbed heater consists of a thermostat and a heating mat or heating element. This mat is placed under the water mattress and heats the water to the desired temperature. The thin mat prevents your water mattress from being damaged and you can feel the heating element when you lie on the mattress.

Modern heating elements are insulated on the underside so that all the heat is transmitted as well as possible up to the water. For your safety, automatic overheating protection is integrated.

Can I install or replace my waterbed heater myself?

That is of course possible. Most heating systems are easy to install. Installing a new heating element is not difficult, but it takes some time to empty and replenish the water mattress.

Of course, if you prefer to leave the installation to one of our experienced fitters, we will arrange it for you. Our mechanics will replace the heater (s) properly for you in this case.